The Olde Mill Inn Bed & Breakfast 

Historic Cumberland Gap, Tennessee


Living Social

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  • You MUST put your voucher number in under OTHER INFORMARION ~ "NOTES".
  • We will pick your room.  we will try to put you in a room you like - if -
  • If there is a room you like more than another, please put in "notes" too and we will try to put you in that room.
    • Please remember this deal is for TWO (2) people ONLY.   Please do not ask to bring a 3rd person - even a baby/child.
    • ALL of our Policies apply.
    • this deal is for a "QUEEN" size room (queen size bed)..

    *** Please note when booking on line - it does not charge you again for your Living Socail Deal.  Credit card is needed for your Taxes and Resort fee.